Is this legal?

YES. Our wealth strategy  partners has  been advising and implementing these  structures for over 20 years and have published numerous leading textbooks about commercial trusts and taxation.

Have other clients done it?

YES – many. And all have enjoyed the benefits advised. We can provide a list of referees.

Can I get a Counsel’s Opinion?

YES – if you are prepared to pay for it. Counsel will defer to the expertise of Our wealth strategy  partner the author of 5 leading textbooks on tax and commercial trusts.

Can I put cash into the Trust?


Who chooses the Trustees?


Do you act as Trustees?


Where are the Trustees?

You Choose. We recommend Jersey, Guernsey, Switzerland or Belize

Can I change the Trustees?

YES, anytime

Can I be the Trustee?

NO, But your wealth can be brought onshore and managed tax free by you/ your company as a fiduciary.

Will you help my accountant?

YES, Our wealth  strategy  partner  always work with the Company’s accountants to assist in making complete disclosure

What if the Revenue ask questions?

They often do. Our wealth strategy partner  provides an ongoing advisory service, which covers this. The cost is included in your fixed fees.

What if the Revenue challenges the arrangements?

It will be the first time in over two decades. Our wealth strategy  partners ongoing advisory service charge covers this also. Only if it went to Court you would have to pay Counsel, but such costs are guaranteed by our wealth strategy partner’s P.I. Insurance.

What if the relevant legislation changes?

EU law precludes retrospective legislation. The benefits up to that date remain protected. UK legislation cannot affect offshore trusts.

Are you guaranteeing the Plan?

YES. Our wealth strategy partner is  bound to provide their  best advice. If they consider that the Plan cannot work in your circumstances, they will say so. Otherwise, they will be giving you legal advice that the Plan has the legal and tax effects set out in their detailed written advice. You are entitled to recover all Plan fees and Legal fees if the arrangement is inherently defective.

What is the real risk analysis

It is a cost neutral opportunity to save tax

Why doesn’t everyone do this?

Everyone who receives Our wealth strategy partners advice does do it. New clients come through personal recommendation, not general advertising, so that necessarily limits the number of people receiving the information.

My current advisor doesn’t like it

That is not unusual. We always ask a dissident advisor to engage in open discussion with Our wealth strategy partners in front of the client.

What is MINERVA?

It is the product marketing arm of Our wealth strategy partner.

Why 2 Fees?

The Product fee is a payment for the R&D which went into the Plan: that Fee is a straight percentage of the Tax Value. Professional advisory fees are separate. Together, these provide a Total Fee Package.

Are Fees negotiable?

No, since the Fees are not paid out of Client wealth. And we can arrange financing for larger fees.

It sounds too good to be true

We have heard that from new clients for over a decade. Their experience teaches them that it is just as good as it sounds.